Every property presents a different set of disposition challenges and opportunities, and we take the time to ascertain the best marketing and sales strategy for each particular asset.

As such, we custom-tailor our selling strategy to meet the needs of each property, instead of tailoring each property to meet our marketing mold. We create professional and eye-catching marketing packages with vital information including demographics, traffic counts, comparable property reports, and financial analysis.

While some projects require the utmost discretion in marketing to a very niche audience, others require the broadest spectrum of advertising opportunities available. We maintain a proprietary database of investors, users, and brokers in addition to having access to a number of local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) systems, national professional networks, national commercial databases, and local commercial real estate groups.

Our Disposition Process

1. Get to Know You

To start, we set up a meeting to assess your needs and wants. We want to know what makes you tick! Are you looking to list your current space or find the perfect investment property? 

2. Free, No-Obligation Property Analysis

With a free consultation, we evaluate what your property brings to the table and how we can set it apart from the competition. Looking for commercial property? We’ll work to find the best locations, both on and off the market, to serve you and your business.

3. Create Custom Tailored Marketing Plan

 Gone are the days of sticking a sign in front of a property and calling it listed. After evaluating your specific needs, our marketing team creates a comprehensive plan to get your property in front of the right people.

4. Leverage Global Marketing Channels and Databases

Once all materials have been meticulously curated, each property is broadcast to our extensive, global market. We utilize a number of CRE online marketplaces to reach potential buyers, as well as enlisting our personalized contacts.

5. Deliver Results That Exceed Expectations

At Stratus, we pride ourselves on providing an unsurpassed experience and leaving our clients happy and fulfilled-at both financial and personal levels. Don’t believe us? Hear from others first hand.

Need to sell your commercial property in the metro Atlanta and surrounding areas? Contact us!

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