Every property presents a different set of disposition challenges and opportunities. At Stratus we tailor a customized approach designed to satisfy each clients’ unique goals, using the best marketing and sales strategy for each particular asset.

Our Disposition Process

1. Get to Know You

To start, we set up an initial call or meeting to assess your specific needs and wants. Understanding each client’s unique situation is a key component of crafting the most effective marketing plan.

2. Free, No-Obligation Property Analysis

We are happy to do some initial leg work on our end to assess a property in light of recent comparable sales and current market conditions to provide a free opinion of value.

3. Create Custom Tailored Marketing Plan

Upon entering a new engagement we don’t just stick a sign in front of a property and call it listed. After evaluating a property’s attributes in consideration of the client’s goals, we create a comprehensive plan to get your property in front of the right people.

4. Leverage Global Marketing Channels and Databases

Unless the situation calls for a more discrete approach, we broadcast each property to our extensive, global network and utilize a number of the most comprehensive commercial property listing services in the industry to ensure the highest level of potential buyer engagement.

5. Deliver Results That Exceed Expectations

At Stratus, we pride ourselves in delivering strong results while providing an unsurpassed experience. Just take a look at our reviews or reach out to our past clients to learn more about their experience working with us.

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