Stratus has brokered a number of notable transactions spanning a wide variety of asset classes and types including commercial office spaces, industrial warehouses, retail stores and multi-family properties across the Southeast. Learn more about our featured transactions below:

Rio Vista, Northlake Apartments, Waverly Manor portfolio

Stratus works diligently to procure opportunities for clients that are overlooked by the general market, using all resources available. During one such scouting mission, Stratus uncovered the opportunity to purchase a set of three assets from a family trust, who was aiming to re-organize its assets and redeploy its capital into new ventures. These three properties were a perfect fit for two separate clients who had differing acquisition parameters. Stratus was able to facilitate the sale with two properties selling to one private equity fund, and one to property to a separate fund. The sales process was streamlined for the family trust owner. A win-win for all parties involved!
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